Why did my stickers not come with my other items? 

We ship our stickers from a different location than our other merch, so they will arrive separately! You can always email us at support@probablysmut.com to get more information on your stickers and when they should arrive.


Are my stickers waterproof?

Our stickers are made to be waterproof (can go in the dishwasher if on a water bottle or something similar). If you encounter any issues with your stickers due to water please email us at support@probablysmut.com for replacements or a refund. 


Why does the tracking information I got in an email not work for my sticker order?

We ship our stickers with USPS First Class Mail which means they do not provide tracking to us. Our business platform (Shopify) automatically sends "tracking" when an order has shipped even when there is no tracking. Unfortunately it's not something we can change right now so we are just left with a confusing email sent to customers! Please email our support team if you have any questions about your sticker order. We estimate shipping takes 3-5 business days once your order has shipped!


What do I do if I need a replacement for my item(s)?

If you would like to request a replacement please email us at support@probablysmut.com (or bookclub@probablysmut.com if it's related to your book club package). Damages will be considered on a case by case basis - some level of shipping wear is to be expected and will not warrant a replacement. Items marked as delivered by USPS or other postal carrier will NOT be replaced. 


I got an email that my stickers shipped, but I haven't received them in the time frame it said I would - what do I do since there is no tracking? 

If you do not receive your stickers and it is deemed by our team that USPS lost them we will ship new stickers to you at no cost. Reshipment will only be considered once it has been 12 business days from the time we shipped your original order. 


What do I do if I entered the wrong address for shipping on my order?

Please email us ASAP if you have put the wrong address so we can see if we can change it before your order ships. If you let us know before your order has shipped we will change the address and no other actions are needed. 

If your order has either been made or shipped already, we have a few options for you (this does NOT include stickers):

1 - We can reship your order once we receive it back to our shop and then you only pay for the shipping ($6.99). We don't know how long it will take for the item(s) to make it back to us, but we will let you know once we have reshipped it to you. 

2 - We can reship your order to you ASAP at full cost of those items. 

3 - We can cancel your order and give you a full refund.


If your order only included stickers, please still email us and we will do our best to ship you new stickers if inventory allows!

We are a small business and unfortunately can't afford to reship items without these fees, but we never want anyone to have to pay if they are unable - that is why we offer the full refund option. We definitely understand how easy it is to make these kind of mistakes so we will do our best to work with you to get you your order in a way that works for you. Thank you for your understanding and support! 


Does Probably Smut use AI in their designs? 

No, Probably Smut does not use AI in any of their design processes. When contracting designers, PS does their due diligence to check designer and artist contracts and policies. If it is not explicitly stated that an artist/designer does not use Artificial Intelligence in their process, PS asks the contractor for this information. Probably Smut's own design contract (used when a designer does not have their own) explicitly states no use of AI is allowed for work done for the company. 

PS acknowledges there is always the possibility of a designer or artist unknowingly using mislabeled stock art or images. If PS is ever made aware of any instance of this, they would work to make changes ASAP. 

Probably Smut is proud to support artists and their work. 


Why is my discount code not working? 

Sorry you're encountering this issue! It could be for a few reasons, but ultimately we'd love for you to email us if you need help applying a discount code and we will get it sorted out for you. Some common reasons are: 

1 - Discount codes don't "stack", meaning you can only use one discount code per order!

2 - The discount code has expired. If this is a discount code you received in an email, please let us know and we can extend the deadline for you or send a new discount code in most cases. 


3 - The discount has been applied to your cart automatically too many times. If you're following a link that has a discount, this is a common problem! To fix it, please clear out your cart completely and re-follow the link to get the discounted items. 


As previously mentioned, please email us at support@probablysmut.com and we can help you sort it out! 


Do you offer wholesale orders/pricing?

 Yes! Please fill out our wholesale form with information about what you are looking to order and we will get back to you ASAP with more information and pricing. 


Don't see your question answered here? Email us at support@probablysmut.com. We will always do our best to keep everyone happy!