Book Review Submission

Authors are the reason PS exists and it is always our goal to support them in any way we can. A HUGE way the PS community can do that is by leaving reviews for their books! More reviews means more visibility, and more visibility means more readers, more followers, and more ~success~. Authors depend on reviews for getting their book more traction and it’s also an awesome way for them to get feedback and interact with their readers. 
Every month we will select one of our readers who has left a review for one of our book club picks OR blind date bundle picks (or any book you got directly from PS) to get a FREE MONTH of book club. If you’re a paying member, your next month will be free if selected. If you’re a free member, you’ll get the next month’s Smut Slut package for free. All you have to do is fill out the form below and include the link to your AMAZON review. Every entry counts & stacks month to month. Reviews submitted must be for a PS Book Club pick or one of our blind date bundle picks. 

Thank you so much for helping us support authors! 

the PS team

P.S. (haha) - You can learn how to get a link to your Amazon review here.